"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Rachel for over five years now. ….  She has been a trusted colleague and advisor to me on new scripts, a performer on our main stage, a teacher in our classes, and...  a director for our readings and workshop presentations.

    … Rachel has settled upon directing as the avenue in which she is able to wholly utilize all of her vast skills and talents. Her work as an actor and a teacher has given her a deep understanding of the actor’s process, and her years of working in script development has given her a keen analytical eye. … She works tirelessly and is diligent.


    … She has clear visions in her work but is open and collaborative by nature. … It has been a joy to watch Rachel grow into a fine director."

    - Cheryl Katz (written May '15)

     Co-Director, The New Jersey Play Lab (currently)

     Artistic Director, Luna Stage '13 - '18

     Dramaturg, Luna Stage '03 - '13

    "Rachel's creative intuition is astute and tireless. Collaborating with a director is a delicate dance. As a playwright I feel that Rachel has been able to guide me to reach my maximum potential. With her support and encouragement, I've been able accomplish work I could never have done on my own."

    - Aleks Merilo (written Nov. '14)

     Award-winning, critically acclaimed Playwright

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