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"... and Ms. Spaulding give lovely performances ... A worthwhile and fascinating play. "

              VITA AND VIRGINIA - The New York Times

"... Spaulding is compelling as the globe trotting ... Sackville-West ... see two accomplished actresses ..."

              VITA AND VIRGINIA - Talkin' Broadway

"... Spaulding commands the stage ..."

             VITA AND VIRGINIA - The Star Ledger

"... Spaulding is 'in full sail on high tide' ..."

              VITA AND VIRGINIA - New Jersey Arts Maven

"'Hamlet' captivates and excites ... the traditionally fatherly role of Polonius is played with superb comedic superfluity by Rachel Black Spaulding, sputtering and pontificating in a newfound motherly love."

              HAMLET - Onstage

"... Spaulding as the female Polonius retains the courtier's comedy, while adding a layer of true maternal affection."

              HAMLET - Classicalnycreviews

"... fine voices sounding off here, among them, Rachel Black ..."

            THE LAND OF DREAMS - The New York Times