RBS - PREMIERE STAGES (2019) (002) - Cam
Select testimonials from Program Directors

    " ... I woke up Sunday morning beaming with pride in the fact that that performance was put on at MKA. You did such a wonderful job with these kids and got them to a place, emotionally, I bet none of them thought they could reach. Thank you for sharing your expertise with MKA and our kids. You provided them with an experience they won’t soon forget."
             ~ David C. Flocco, Ed.D.
             Headmaster Upper School

             Montclair Kimberly Academy HS


      “Rachel demonstrates great insight into what each student needs and finds ways to tap into their strengths and motivate them to set the bar high for themselves. … I am so grateful to have found her and proud to have her as an integral part of our theatre program.”
​             ~ Randy Kravitz Elman
             Director, Musical Theatre Conservatory

             Broadway Boot Camp


​​​​​​     “Throughout the five years she taught here, it was evident how much Rachel cherished her work and her students, and how much kindness, warmth, and generosity she imbued in her teaching. ... She will be sorely missed.”

             ~ Sosha Halpern                                                                      Director, Creative and Performing Arts                                             Central Queens YM & YWHA

Select testimonials from private students

​    "I first came to Rachel for some monologue coaching and came away with so much more. Rachel really helped me to find the character and connect to the material. She’s got a keen eye for what works and what doesn't, and is great at sculpting or editing a piece that may need to be cut down for time. I highly recommend her."
            ~ Liz Samuel                                                                           Award-winning
​ Film/TV/Stage Actress, Producer,Writer                  MOMtress Pilot Web Series; Law and Order ... 


    "I came to Rachel for professional acting coaching in the fall of 2013, and have been working with her ever since. Rachel can prepare you for any audition - whether it’s a movie, a play, or a musical - even if you’re just beginning to act! I’ve learned so much from her, plus she keeps me relaxed and focused!”                    

              ~ Nia Ashleigh                                                                       LION KING (Young Nala), Broadway and Las Vegas                      Companies; FOUR LITTLE GIRLS: Birmingham 1963


   "Rachel takes her students through a thorough and thoughtful process … I did not really know what to expect going into my first lesson, but by the end, my confidence in my acting abilities grew significantly …   The work was challenging, but all the while I had a ton of fun!”
              ~ Aidan Dunn

              Senior, Montclair HS, School of Visual & Performing Arts                  (MHS-SVPA)


    "Rachel transformed me from a shy girl with a pretty voice to a confident singer. When I began voice lessons in my junior year of high school I was terrified of singing in public and had no idea how to use my vocal instrument. With Rachel, I gained a wide skill set to sing confidently and musically. I am so thankful for the many vocal opportunities that opened up due to my vocal transformation under Rachel’s direction.”



~ Charlotte Eveleth                                                 MHS-SVPA, WASHINGTON CHORUS + special subset that tours Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and more